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Most frequent questions and answers

How do I Access the Space?

The space is available 24/7 via a key fob or mobile HID app, which will unlock the front door. Can’t sleep? Let yourself in for a little stress free game or practice session at 3AM!

How do the simulators work?

The space utilizes 4 (four) Foresight Sport GC Hawk simulators, which use best in class technology and sensors to accurately interpret your swing flight path, speed, and ball spin.

Can I reserve the space for an event?

Yes, the space can be reserved for private functions for a flat rate, once approved by members.

Can I bring a guest or family member?

Guest may accompany members.  Guest fees and attendance rules apply per member handbook.

will e9 have any member events?

Events include, men’s and women’s leagues for fall and winter seasons, couples events, and other special events you won’t want to miss!   Events will be posted on the E9 Club Calendar

How do I Become a Member?

Membership requires approval by the E9 Club Board.