Golf: Any Reason, Any Season, Any Time

” What’s with the name, E9?”


If you’re a golfer, then you know!


E9 means Emergency Nine


18 holes is never enough.  You’ve lost the match and you need nine more holes to redeem yourself and you are sure you’ll win.  You need nine holes to warm up before a big game.  Or you are playing out of your mind, the best golf of your life and you don’t want it to end.  Those are E9’s!!


Yet, We think it is much more than that.  To put it bluntly, it means, we haven’t had enough golf.  

For years as winter rolled around, our disappointment towards the summer season ending outside, meant we’d loathe the pending winter with no access to golf, camaraderie and trash talking that we had gorged ourselves on for 5 months. 

No more press, repress, roll, reroll, birdie blitz.

No more $1 is $4 on the first tee

No more air strikes twice a side, just to keep the momentum of a winning (or losing) streak going

No more 25 foot putts on 18 to win 

No more 19th hole trash talking, turning into an Emergency 9 holes to complete what we started 18 holes before. 

No more golfing fun


E9 Club was born out of pure love of the game.  It’s the answer to the handicap pain we all feel as our indexes trend down in late summer as we are bombing drives, striping irons and dropping putts, to dusting off the clubs in late spring with some golf matches where the swing is rusty, the putts lip out, the drive sprays out of bounds and irons are fat, from not playing for 7 months. 


It’s an EMERGENCY!    


No question about it. Triage that swing, chip or putt. E9 Club solves all those problems with 24/7/365 in a 19th hole club that makes you feel at home and never want to leave.