E9 Golf Club - Amenities & Features

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Welcome to E9 Golf Club – Private Indoor Golf Club in Mundelein, IL

E9 Golf Club is not just a facility; it’s an exclusive retreat for golf enthusiasts. As a high-end, members-only indoor golf club, we offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and state-of-the-art facilities, designed to elevate your golfing experience.

Our Premier Amenities & Features:

1. Your Own Spirit Locker

At E9 Golf Club, we understand that golf is more than just a game; it’s an experience that extends beyond the course. This is why we are proud to offer each of our members their very own spirit locker. These lockers are not just functional; they’re a mark of prestige and an embodiment of the exclusive E9 experience. Let’s explore this unique feature that sets E9 Golf Club apart in Mundelein, Illinois.

Elegance and Exclusivity

Your personal spirit locker at E9 Golf Club is a statement of elegance and exclusivity. Designed to reflect the high standards and sophisticated ambiance of our club, these lockers are more than mere storage spaces; they are symbols of the esteemed membership at E9.

Secure and Private Storage

Security and privacy are paramount at E9 Golf Club. Each spirit locker is a secure space, ensuring that your preferred spirits are safely stored and ready for your next visit. This peace of mind allows you to focus on enjoying your time at the club, whether you’re playing a round of golf or relaxing with friends.

Convenience at Its Best

Imagine finishing a round of golf and having your favorite spirits waiting for you, or hosting a social gathering with your personal selection of drinks readily available. The convenience of having a spirit locker at E9 means your preferred beverages are always on hand, enhancing your social experiences and personal relaxation moments at the club.

Customized to Your Taste

Your spirit locker is yours to personalize with your choice of spirits. Whether you favor fine whiskeys, exquisite vodkas, or a particular brand of tequila, your locker can be stocked with the drinks that best reflect your taste and style.

Enhancing the E9 Experience

The addition of a personal spirit locker to your membership at E9 Golf Club elevates your experience, blending the joys of golf with the pleasures of socializing and relaxation. It’s a feature that complements the lifestyle of our discerning members, adding a touch of luxury to every visit.

2. Five 75″ Flat Screen TVs

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At E9 Golf Club in Mundelein, Illinois, we believe in providing an all-encompassing golf club experience that extends far beyond the greens. A significant part of this experience is our array of five 75″ flat-screen TVs, designed to offer you entertainment in ultra-high-definition. Let’s delve into how these screens enhance your time at E9 Golf Club.

Optimal Placement for Maximum Enjoyment

Strategically positioned throughout the club, our 75″ flat-screen TVs ensure that you won’t miss a moment of action, no matter where you are. Whether you’re unwinding after a round of golf, socializing with fellow members, or just enjoying a moment of relaxation, our TVs are placed for optimal viewing pleasure.

Ultra-High-Definition for Immersive Viewing

Quality is key at E9 Golf Club, and this extends to our visual entertainment. Each of our flat-screen TVs boasts ultra-high-definition display, offering crisp, clear images that bring every detail to life. Whether it’s a crucial moment in a golf tournament, a gripping scene in your favorite show, or an important news update, you’ll experience it in unparalleled clarity.

A Hub of Entertainment

Our large flat-screen TVs transform the club into a hub of entertainment. They are perfect for:

  • Watching Live Sports: Catch the latest golf tournaments, football games, and other sporting events in a lively, communal atmosphere.
  • Entertaining Shows and News: Stay updated with current events or enjoy popular shows and movies, adding to the relaxed and enjoyable environment of the club.
  • Special Events and Gatherings: Our TVs serve as focal points during club events and gatherings, enhancing the experience of our members and their guests.
The E9 Social Experience

The presence of these high-quality TVs contributes significantly to the social experience at E9 Golf Club. They foster a sense of community as members gather to watch and discuss the latest in sports and entertainment, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Complementing the Golfing Lifestyle

At E9 Golf Club, we understand that a golfer’s lifestyle encompasses more than just the sport. Our flat-screen TVs are a testament to our commitment to providing a well-rounded experience that caters to all aspects of leisure and entertainment.

3. Wet Bar for BYOB


E9 Golf Club it isn’t just about exceptional golfing; it’s about providing a complete social and leisure experience. Central to this experience is our chic wet bar, a BYOB-friendly zone where members can bring their favorite beverages and enjoy them just the way they like. Let’s explore the allure of this unique feature that sets E9 Golf Club apart.

A Personalized Drinking Experience

Our wet bar is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including the pleasure of sipping a perfectly mixed drink. Here’s what makes it special:

  • BYOB Flexibility: Bring your preferred spirits, wines, or beers and enjoy the freedom to create drinks that suit your taste. Whether it’s a rare whiskey, a vintage wine, or a craft beer, our wet bar welcomes your choices.
  • Mix and Match: With a variety of mixers and garnishes available, you can experiment with new concoctions or stick to your tried-and-true recipes, ensuring each drink is just as you like it.
Elegant and Inviting Ambiance

The design of our wet bar is both elegant and welcoming, creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for socializing. Whether it’s after a round of golf or during a club event, the wet bar serves as a stylish gathering spot for members and their guests.

Socialize and Relax

The wet bar at E9 Golf Club is more than just a place to grab a drink; it’s a social hub. It’s where members:

    • Meet and Connect: Share stories, celebrate victories, or simply unwind with fellow golf enthusiasts in a relaxed setting.
    • Host and Entertain: The wet bar is an ideal spot for hosting private gatherings or enjoying the club’s social events.

4. Pool Table

At E9 Indoor Golf Club in Mundelein, Illinois, we understand that a great golf club experience is about more than just golf. It’s about offering a variety of activities that cater to the diverse interests of our members. That’s why we’re proud to feature a premium pool table in our club – a perfect addition for those looking to add a playful twist to their visit.

Engage in Friendly Competition or Casual Play

Our pool table is a versatile attraction, suited for both serious pool players and those seeking a light, casual game. Here’s how it enhances the club experience:

  • For the Serious Player: If you’re passionate about pool, you’ll appreciate the quality of our table and equipment, which meet professional standards. It’s a great place to practice your skills, challenge fellow members, or even pick up new techniques.
  • For Casual Fun: Not a pool expert? No problem! The pool table area is a welcoming space for members to engage in a friendly game, learn the basics, or simply enjoy the camaraderie that comes with a relaxed game of pool.
A Social Hub in the Club

The pool table area at E9 Indoor Golf Club is more than just a place to play; it’s a social hub. It provides a perfect setting for members to connect, share stories, and build friendships. This space is integral to the warm, communal atmosphere we cherish at E9.

5. Water Feature

At E9 Indoor Golf Club in Mundelein, Illinois, we believe in creating an atmosphere that transcends the typical golfing experience. A pivotal part of this serene ambiance is our beautifully designed water feature. This element of tranquility and elegance offers a peaceful escape, perfect for unwinding after a golf session or simply for enjoying moments of quiet reflection.

A Touch of Natural Elegance

Our water feature is more than just a decorative element; it’s a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the club. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Visual Appeal: The water feature is designed to be visually captivating, creating a focal point that adds to the club’s luxurious and refined decor.
  • Harmonious Ambiance: The gentle sound of flowing water contributes to a soothing environment, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the club.
An Oasis of Calm

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding moments of calm can be rare. Our water feature offers just that – a peaceful oasis where you can:

    • Relax and Reflect: Take a moment to sit by the water feature, letting the serene sounds and sights help you unwind and gather your thoughts.
    • Socialize in a Soothing Setting: It’s also a perfect spot for quiet conversations with fellow members, offering a tranquil backdrop for meaningful interactions.

6. Two Fireplaces

At E9 Indoor Golf Club in Mundelein, Illinois, we understand that the essence of a great golf club lies not only in its facilities but also in its atmosphere. That’s why we are proud to feature two elegant fireplaces, creating a cozy and inviting environment that complements our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators. Let’s explore how these fireplaces enhance the overall experience at E9.

Dual Fireplaces: A Centerpiece of Warmth and Socialization

Our dual fireplaces are designed to be more than just a source of warmth; they are central gathering spots within the club, offering:

  • A Cozy Retreat: On chilly days, the warmth of the fireplaces provides a comforting respite, making them ideal spots to relax and unwind after a round of golf on our simulators.
  • Elegant Ambiance: The fireplaces add an element of classic elegance to the club’s decor, creating a luxurious setting that complements the sophisticated atmosphere of E9.
A Social Hub for Members

The area around the fireplaces is more than just a space to warm up; it’s a social hub where members can:

  • Gather and Chat: The fireplaces provide a perfect setting for members to gather, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Enjoy Post-Golf Conversations: After engaging in a session on our indoor golf simulators, members can retreat to the fireplace area to discuss their game, share tips, or simply enjoy casual conversation in a relaxed setting.

Custom Furniture

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We take comfort seriously. Our custom furniture is designed not only for elegance but also for unparalleled comfort, ensuring every moment spent in our club is a luxurious experience.

Unparalleled Comfort for the Discerning Golfer

Our commitment to your comfort is unwavering. Each piece of furniture within our club has been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to offer an unmatched level of comfort. Whether you are analyzing your swing in our indoor golf simulators or relaxing after a game, our furniture offers a luxurious embrace that makes every moment at our club an indulgence.

Elegance That Speaks Volumes

Our custom furniture is a celebration of sophisticated design. Each curve, cushion, and fabric choice is a reflection of our commitment to providing an elite golfing experience. The elegance of our furniture complements the high-tech environment of our indoor golf facilities, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Tailored to Enhance Your Golfing Experience

Situated near Libertyville, we understand the unique needs of our clientele. Our furniture isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing your golfing experience. From ergonomic chairs that provide support during strategic discussions to plush sofas perfect for unwinding, our furniture is tailored to cater to every aspect of your visit.

8. Private Access 

Exclusivity is key at E9 Golf Club. Enjoy private access to our facilities, ensuring privacy, security, and a sense of belonging to an elite community.

E9 Indoor Golf Club redefines exclusivity and convenience in the world of golf. Our members enjoy the privilege of 24/7 access, 365 days a year, to our state-of-the-art facilities.

Round-the-Clock Golfing Experience

Golf on your terms, at any hour. Whether you’re an early bird aiming for a serene morning session or a night owl seeking solace under the stars, our doors are always open. Our 24/7 golf simulators offer a unique opportunity for you to play and practice at your convenience, without ever having to wait for a time slot.

Unparalleled Privacy and Security

At E9 Golf Club, your privacy is paramount. Our private access ensures that your golfing experience is intimate, secure, and exclusive. Members can immerse themselves in their game with the assurance of complete privacy, making every visit a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

A Community of Elite Golf Enthusiasts

Joining E9 Golf Club means becoming part of an elite community where exclusivity is the norm. Our members share a common passion for golf, and our 24/7 access fosters a sense of belonging among a select group of enthusiasts who value the luxury of unrestricted golfing.

State-of-the-Art Facilities at Your Fingertips

Our golf simulators are not just available around the clock; they represent the pinnacle of golfing technology. With advanced features that cater to both seasoned players and beginners, you have the freedom to perfect your swing, experiment with new techniques, or simply enjoy a leisurely game, whenever the mood strikes.

9. Teaching Bay with High-Speed Camera

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Elevate your game with our state-of-the-art teaching bay, equipped with a high-speed camera. This technology allows for detailed analysis of your swing, offering insights and guidance to improve your skills.

E9 Indoor Golf Club proudly introduces our cutting-edge teaching bay, a cornerstone of technological innovation in golf training. This facility is not just a feature; it’s a game-changer for golfers seeking to refine their skills.

Advanced High-Speed Camera Technology

At the heart of our teaching bay is the high-speed camera system, a marvel in golf training technology. This camera captures your swing at incredibly high frame rates, providing a level of detail that is simply unattainable with standard video equipment. Every nuance of your swing, from the grip to the follow-through, is recorded with crystal-clear precision.

Detailed Swing Analysis for Enhanced Learning

The true power of our high-speed camera lies in its ability to offer an in-depth analysis of your swing. By breaking down your swing frame by frame, our professional instructors can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This detailed analysis is instrumental in developing tailored strategies to enhance your technique, efficiency, and overall performance.

Immediate Feedback for Rapid Improvement

One of the key benefits of our teaching bay is the immediacy of feedback. You can view your swing in slow motion right after taking a shot, allowing for on-the-spot adjustments and learning. This instant feedback loop accelerates your learning process, enabling quicker mastery of new techniques and corrections.

Suitable for Golfers of All Levels

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your game or a beginner eager to learn the right techniques from the start, our teaching bay is suited for all skill levels. The insights gained from the high-speed camera analysis are invaluable for players at every stage of their golfing journey.

A Comfortable and Encouraging Environment

Our teaching bay is designed to be a comfortable and encouraging space where you can focus on improving your game. The indoor setting offers a controlled environment, free from the unpredictability of outdoor conditions, ensuring that your training sessions are productive and focused.

Join Us at E9 Golf Club

Experience the ultimate in golfing luxury. The premier virtual golf simulator in Mundelein. E9 Golf Club is more than just a golf club; it’s a destination where passion for golf meets the height of luxury. Visit us in Mundelein, IL, and discover a world of exclusive golfing like never before